What is a kettlebell?


My short answer would be the single, most functional fitness tool on the planet. The ‘kettlebell’, or a ‘girya‘, is a cast iron weight that looks like a cannon ball with a handle.The kettlebell has actually been around for centuries, hoisted by Romans and Russians alike!

Kettlebells come in ‘poods’. A pood is an old Russian measure of weight which equals 16kg, or 36 pounds. Don’t panic, they are available from 4kg upwards.


The benefits:


Delivers extreme all-round fitness in a multi-planar environment. No single other tool does it better. Benefits include: huge calorie burn, decreased body fat, a lean athletic body, increased strength, decreased stress, increased energy levels and endurance, improved co-ordination and enhanced flexibility and posture. One unique advantage for sports men and women is kettlebells can train the body for fast decelerations which simply cannot be achieved with conventional training methods.



What makes kettlebells different?


The answer lies in the design of the kettle bell. With dumbbells and barbells the weight is evenly distributed, in effect balanced for you, whereas the weight in a kettlebell is displaced, causing a constant pull so that  you need to counter balance, thus placing the whole neuromuscular system under constant challenge. Kettlebells also allow for greater range of motion which improves flexibility. A fun, total body, strength and cardiovascular workout: achieve results in half the time. Kettlebell training is proven to burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes!

The RKC system delivers superior results in less time.



Why NKC?

We hold the highest international kettlebell certifications, not to be confused with some which are a fraction of the cost and knowledge base.

My advice is to look for an RKC or IKFF certified instructor and always ask to see their certificates. Visit the United Kingdom Kettlebell Union, which holds details of some of the UK’s leading instructors.

 I have trained under Pavel Tsatsouline, the Godfather of kettlebell training to become the first RKC instructor in the North East and also the phenomenon that is Steve Cotter under his IKFF organisation.

I certified in Minneapolis in the US and also trained one-on-one with Andrea DuCane -’The Kettlebell Goddess’ who specialises in adapting kettlebells to meet the needs of women.

The RKC system is different to other methods taught in the UK and we are the   only club in the North East certified to teach it. 

RKC  is widely accepted as the Black belt in kettlebell instruction.

Previously I trained and certified under the phenomenon that is Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn (2007 World Chair Press Champion) to attain IKFF accredtitation - the first in the North East.

I have also trained with and been certified by, Neil Rosiak, the UK  head coach of  The British Kettlebell Lifting Federation and the UK Representative for The International Union of Kettlebell Lifting.  Neil was the first to undertake scientific studies of kettlebell training in the UK.

To further my understanding of how competitive kettlebell athletes train, I spent 3 months studying advanced kettlebell programming and technique under top Russian professional ‘Girevik’ (kettlebell competitor). 

You are assured we will remain at cutting edge of kettlebell knowledge and provide you with a safe, welcoming environment to enjoy your training.